Monday, October 10, 2011

Nueva colección PULP FICCIÓN, de 23 Escalones, ya a la venta!

El número 1 de PULP Ficción, Revividos, de Ralph Barby, ya está a la venta.

La editorial canaria 23 Escalones pone por fin a la venta la esperadísima colección PULP Ficción una recopilación de las mejores novelas cortas de terror escritas por grandes autores del género. Será presentada oficialmente esta semana en el Festival de Sitges y puede adquirirse desde hoy en toda España con el precio increíble de 3'50 euros el ejemplar.

En primer lugar el número uno, Revividos, de Ralph Barby, uno de los autores habituales en las anteriores etapas de los bolsilibros de la editorial Bruguera.

La colección completa, de carácter mensual, se presenta el miércoles 12 a las 16h en el Festival de Sitges.

Los primeros 4 números ya se conocen:
  • 1. Revividos, por Ralph Barby.
  • 2. No podrás salir, por Damien Wake.
  • 3. Cazador de striges, por Soizik Stiwell.
  • 4. Entre rejas, por Emma Goshawk.
Los aficionados al Terror y a la buena literatura no podéis perderos esta genial colección de novelas coordinada por Darío Vilas.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Damien Wake is an american bestselling horror writer born in Boston, at the earlier seventies. His father is a retired irish policeman and his mother is still a school teacher, he has a sister called Andrea, singer in a alternative pop music band. 

When Damien was still young, the Wake family moved to NY City, where the shy and tiny boy grew among cheap pulp novels and horror films. At one point, Damien became interested in writing. He became an avid reader of Stephen King and other horror writers, and then started writing his own stories. Damien's first story, Don't you dare to come in?, was published when he was still at highschool.

He soon discovered the world of blues by the hand of Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones and spent all his money buying a second hand old stratocaster. He tried to emule the BB King, Buddy Guy or Carlos Santana riffs and got to become and skilled guitarist. It's easy to find him playing blues guitar among friends in the best jazz clubs of NY.

Author of more than twenty short novels and several horror tales, Damien Wake recognises the influence of classic dark stories in his own writing style, honoured to name Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft as his very first masters. Damien Wake's writings try to catch the best of that fantastic horror tradition and join it whit contemporary legends of dark novels as Stephen King, Clive Barker o Richard Matheson, filling his stories with claustrophobic enviroments, troubled characters and frightening misteries.

In 2005, with his novels and antologies in the first places of selling lists, Damien lost his daughter and wife in a traffic accident. He then stepped back from public life and felt into a pitch of insomnia and alcohol that seemed to be the end of his career.

Now he's out of rehab and kept writting and playing guitar almost anonimously between New York City and Canary Islands, where he stablished in 2009.

Some of Damien Wake's more popular books are Night of Leaving Memories (1999), Are you really there? (2001), Last Trip to Deadland (2003), No One Will Come For You (2005) and his latest bestseller, Do Not Let Me Die (2010), first work after the tragedy of his family.

You can find them all at


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